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At Zynth Studios,

We believe that Sound is not just heard, but felt.

We practice the discipline that sound transcends more than just hearing, it has the power to forge deep emotional & visceral connections.

Our Studio creates Immersive auditory experiences for Ads, Film, TV, Installation & Interactivity, transforming imaginative sound concepts into captivating realities.

Dedicated to exploring new Sonic frontiers, we are the distinct Sound arm to CraveFX.


Our philosophy revolves around exploring optimal sound solutions and curating a tailored experience to amplify your influence.

Research & Conceptualisation

Exploring the possibilities of sound.

Our team thrives on staying ahead of the curve — emerging technologies, workflows, industry trends, and artistic expressions. Utilising fresh and innovative approaches in our craft help us to shape a unique sound identity for you.

Bespoke Sound Experience

Merging technical expertise and artistry.

As sound designers, we understand that sound has the power to shape narratives, evoke memories and amplify immersive environments. Recording, mixing, and mastering are all meticulously done to create soundscapes that resonate deeply with your audiences.

Something & Collaboration

Your vision, our expertise.

Whether it be for small or large-scale productions, we believe in establishing strong partnerships with our clients. We value your opinions and take your ideas into consideration as we work.


With a team of composers and engineers,
Zynth strives for sonic excellence with the same goal in mind:
to redefine how you perceive sound.

Sound Designer


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Hey there, I’m Zahin, your friendly, neighbourhood Sound Designer from sunny Singapore. I wear many hats—leading and coaching my awesome team, tinkering with sounds, and making sure everything sounds top-notch.

I’ve tackled all sorts of projects, from snappy video ads and social media stuff to live events and interactive gigs. Worked my magic on projects with big names like Facebook, Procter & Gamble, Infineon, and even spooked things up at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

I geek out on Soundscape Design, love playing around with Granular Synthesis, and dive deep into the electronic music scene. Basically, I’m all about creating kick-ass sound experiences that’ll make your ears do a happy dance.

Sound Designer


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Jonique is a fulltime sound designer at Zynth. She creates immersive sound design for commercials, animations, interactive media and soundscapes, as well as conducts voiceover recordings, mixing and mastering. Her attention to detail has led to her creating unique aural experiences for listeners. She has worked on projects for Facebook, National Arts Gallery, Eggslut, Warner Brothers, Sabba Time Quest and many more. Outside of work, she is an independent songwriter and producer, letting her passion for audio recording and sound manipulation bleed into her music.
Sound Designer


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Racha, who is conincidentally named after a resort island in Thailand, is a sound designer at Zynth. She has been involved in conducting voice recordings, sound design and audio editing for corporate needs, radio and TV productions. She has also been involved in the audio post production and sound design for bigger scale productions such as local mystery suspense drama series “Avenue 14” and Resorts World Genting, Malaysia’s 2019 Halloween attraction “Train to Busan Horror House” walkthrough. She is particularly intrigued by magical sounds in animations and video games, and thrives to hone her skills and knowledge in creating unqiue sounds.

Zynth Studios Invites Sonic Visionaries to Join Our team

We’re on the hunt for fresh and innovative talents who share our commitment to pushing boundaries and designing immersive auditory experiences. If your passion reverberates with the beat of innovation, Zynth Studios is the platform for your next sonic adventure.

Send your CV & Portfolio to us and Explore the possibilities of Sound.

Audio-post production intern (Singapore)


  • Work with Music, Vocal & Sfx steams to re-edit and enhance our projects
  • Complete mixes for various different medias
  • Q.C all our mixes before delivery, maintaining technical and creative standards.
  • Build and organize our sound effects library
  • other ad-hoc duties to assist the project team

Soft Skills:

  • Efficient time-management & problem-solving skills
  • Adaptable, resilient & patient
  • Collaborative Team-Player

Technical Skills:

  • Efficiency in Ableton DAW
  • Sound design
  • Audio recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.


No two projects are alike &
we embrace this diversity

From feature films, broadcast network, commercial, site-specific installation, AR/VR, animation and motion graphics, our adaptability enables us to provide a tailored solution, ensuring a bespoke auditory experience across platforms.