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Our Services

Sound Consultation

If you’re uncertain about your project’s audio needs, you are most welcome to tap into our Sound Expertise. Our seasoned Audio consultants will work closely with you to understand your requirements and objectives. By blending your insights with our technical prowess, we tailor an auditory strategy that aligns with your goals.

Sound Design

Foley & Sound Effects Creation

Whether it’s footsteps, environmental sounds, explosions or futuristic gadget sounds, we deliver a sense of realism to add to your project’s sonic impact.

Custom Soundscapes

We pride ourselves in our ability to tailor soundscapes to match your project’s unique requirements. Whether you need realistic sound effects or a rich, imaginative auditory experience, our team brings these sonic spaces to life.

Sound Design for Interactivity

In the ever-evolving realm of media and technology, captivating your audience goes beyond visuals alone. We craft interactive soundscapes that respond seamlessly to user actions, amplifying the overall organic and fluid user experience.

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Royalty-Free Music

Stock music offers high customisability to meet your audio needs while being cost-effective. In addition to a wide selection of high-quality tracks, we offer flexible licensing options for broadcast, online platforms, and public exhibitions.

Original Music Composition

Beyond mere notes, we familiarise ourselves with your project’s theme and style to craft and deliver bespoke compositions that complement your vision, be it emotionally-charged orchestral arrangements or catchy jingles.

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Audio Editing

Mixing & Mastering

Alongside our meticulous attention to detail, our audio post-production services encompass sound editing, mixing, mastering, and VO processing, promising professional-grade audio quality that enhances the overall production value.

Audio Restoration

Utilising techniques to remove unwanted noise and restore clarity, we bring new life to audio recordings and improving dialogues.

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Voiceover Recording

Our network of VO artists encompasses a range of voices and accents to suit any character or narration needs, whether it’s a compelling VO for commercial, a captivating narrator for a story, or character voices for a mascot. Our team ensures seamless integration and exceptional performances.